Nat Fyfe 2015 Brownlow Medallist

Nat Fyfe has done it! The raging favourite has won the 2015 Brownlow Medal with a total of 31 votes to cap off a brilliant season and become the first Brownlow Medallist for the Fremantle Football Club. If you followed us here at Phantom Brownlow Medal then you will have made Read More

Brownlow Medal Night is here

Footballs night of nights is finally here. Tonight is Brownlow Medal night and it promises to be one of the most exciting counts in recent years. We have enjoyed bringing you the action again this year and have enjoyed your interaction over on our Phantom Brownlow Facebook page throughout the season. Read More

Can Patrick Dangerfield win the Brownlow Medal?

Ahh, Patrick Dangerfield of the Adelaide Crows. Or should way say Geelong now? Either way you look at it, he is a genuine chance of becoming the first player to switch clubs the same year of winning a Brownlow Medal. Most bookies have him around $8.00 to win the Brownlow Medal, Read More

Can Dan Hannebery win the Brownlow Medal?

There is no doubting that Dan Hannebery is one of the true stars of the competition at the moment, but has he done enough to win the 2015 Brownlow Medal? It will be a tough ask, but will definitely be thereabouts. We have him polling 21 votes, which ranks him 5th Read More

Can David Mundy win the Brownlow Medal

Dave Mundy is one of the interesting selections for the 2015 Brownlow Medal. We have heard his name pop up many times in different circles and he could be a good outside bet. He is currently quoted at $51.00 on fixed odds betting, but they is way overs if you ask Read More

Can Matt Priddis win the Brownlow Medal?

Matt Priddis is a very interesting case in the 2015 Brownlow Medal. He seems one of the very popular choices with punters backing him like tomorrow to win again this year. It is hard to argue with punters. Bookies currently have him at $4.50 at time of writing and many pundits Read More

    Phantom Brownlow Medal Count 2015

    Matt Priddis won the
    2014 Brownlow Medal
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    Brownlow Medal Main Contenders in 2015

    Nathan Fyfe Profile
    Nat Fyfe would have won the Brownlow Medal last year had it not been for a suspension. This year he has taken his game to a whole new level and will be close to 30 votes at the midway point of the season. Fyfe has polled 13+ votes in each of the past four seasons, so he certainly knows how to attract votes.
    Matt Pridis Profile
    Matt Priddis is the reigning Brownlow Medallist after he surprised everyone last year, winning with 26 votes. He has had arguably a better season this year and since 2010 he has polled 80 votes from 104 matches, polling in 38 of those matches at a rate of 36%. That is an exceptional record and he will be up there again.
    Patrick Dangerfield Profile
    Patrick Dangerfield is one of the most prolific Brownlow Medal pollers of recent seasons. While he has yet to win the award, he has polled 66 votes from 64 matches dating back to 2012, that includes polling in 27 of those 66 matches at a rate of 42%. That puts him in Chris Judd territory, so discount hi at your own peril.

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    Dan Hannebery Profile
    Daniel Hannebery is a real Brownlow Medal smokey this year. In 2013 he polled 21 votes, before polling just 11 votes last year when he looked like breaking out early in the season. In season 2015 he has come on in leaps and bounds, reproducing that 2013 form. We expect him to get 20+ votes on Brownlow night.
    Sam Mitchell Profile
    Sam Mitchell is always mentioned in Brownlow Medal markets year after year. In fact he has polled 13+ votes every season dating back to 2006, with the exception of last year (8). Since 2006 he has polled 157 votes from 179 games, polling in 73 of those at a rate of 41%. That is an absolutely remarkable return.
    Todd Goldstein Profile
    Todd Goldstein has becomes the league's premier ruckman and has been a bolter this year in the Phantom Brownlow. However his polling history does not make for good reading. He has polled just 24 votes in 121 career games. So given Fyfe will be near 30 votes, Goldstein has some serious improving to do in 2015.
    Josh Kennedy Profile
    Josh Kennedy won our Phantom Brownlow last year and despite not winning the Brownlow Medal proper, he had a damn good season polling 21 votes. That went with his 14 votes and 19 votes from the two seasons prior to prove that this guy is a genuine chance for the Brownlow again. But has he done enough?
    Andrew Gaff Profile
    Andrew Gaff has moved into the premium midfield bracket now with a standout season. We have him polling in the teens this year, but his previous record does not make for great reading. Gaff has polled just 16 votes from his 80 career games, polling in just 9 of those. We can't see him improving enough to win.
    Scott Pendlebury Profile
    Scott Pendlebury is another who regularly features in the business end of the Brownlow Medal, however he has had a quiet season by his standards. Still, he is a vote magnet having polled 110 votes from 125 games, polling votes in 50 of those games at 40%. Pendlebury is one you can never truly rule out.
    David Mundy Profile
    David Mundy has polled 41 votes from 61 games over the past three seasons, but this year he has really lifted his game to a much higher level. Expect to see his vote tally soar much higher this year, perhaps around the 20 vote mark. However he has one thing holding him back, that being his teammate Nat Fyfe.

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    Brownlow Winner Odds

    Phantom Brownlow Standings

    1   Fyfe, Nathan 30
    2   Mitchell, Sam 25
    3   Mundy, David 23
      Goldstein, Todd 23
    5   Priddis, Matt 21
      Hannebery, Dan 21
    7   Kennedy, Josh 18
      Boak, Travis 18
    9   Gray, Robbie 17
    10   Armitage, David 16
        See Full Standings...  

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    Brownlow Medal Odds

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