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Media Awards 2018Wednesday August 29th

With the conclusion of Round 23, we now have a full run down of all the media awards for the 2018 season. Max Gawn was crowned the 2018 Phantom Brownlow Medal winner with our media voters forming a consensus. But how did he stack up in their individual counts? Let's take a look. First things first, we use five media outlets when calculating a consensus for each individual match of the season, comparing these votes to find who we think deserves the Brownlow votes. We use...
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Round 23 VotesMonday August 27th

Well, we have a winner! Max Gawn takes out the 2018 Phantom Brownlow Medal storming home for a famous victory. Voters from The Herald Sun, The Age, Betfair, and the AFLCA reached a consensus that Gawn will outpoll the rest of the competition on Brownlow Medal night. Gawn won with a total of 27 votes, coming from 3 votes behind at the end of Round 21 with 5 votes over the final two rounds. It was a spectacular season from Gawn, leading the Demons to their first...
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Round 22 VotesMonday August 27th

The penultimate round of the Phantom Brownlow Medal for 2018 has thrown up an epic finish! Round 22 votes are now in and three players remain in Brownlow Medal contention with just one round remaining. Amazingly, we have joint leaders heading into next week and it shapes up for what should ba great finish. Tom Mitchell has gone a second week without polling votes and remains on 25 votes total. But it was a huge round from Max Gawn that sees him move level...
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Round 21 VotesMonday August 27th

Round 21 was a quiet round at the top of the leaderboard. In fact, our top there has remained unchanged from last week. Elliot Yeo continued his hot run of form with another 2 votes coming his way. He has now poled 8votes over the past four rounds, but is still 5 votes behind our leader Tom Mitchell. Making up 5 votes in the final two rounds is going to be incredibly difficult, so essentially we are now down to the final three. Mitchell...
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Round 20 VotesMonday August 27th

Round 20 votes are now done and dusted. With just 3 games now remaining, things are certainly getting interesting at the top. Tom Mitchell managed to extend his lead at the top to 3 votes clear of Max Gawn. He will take some catching now because the way he is playing at the moment, he looks unstoppable. Mitchell has now polled 8 votes in the past three weeks and deserves favouritism. Brodie Grundy also continued his hot run of form. We have him on...
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Round 19 VotesThursday August 2nd

Round 19 proved to be a pivotal round for the Phantom Brownlow Medal, with all our top five likely to polling votes. Let's start with Tom Mitchell, who has now gone a game clear at the top. Mitchell has made it consecutive weeks polling 3 votes now and is now sitting outright on top with 23 votes total. He looks an absolute certainty for 3 votes in Round 19 helping himself to 42 disposals, 9 marks and 5 tackles. Max Gawn continued his hot run...
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Round 18 VotesTuesday July 24th

We have a new leader after Round 18! Well, dual leaders to be precise, as the run home for the 2018 Phantom Brownlow Medal heats up. Hawks star Tom Mitchell put in a blinder with 46 disposals, 9 marks, 9 tackles and 2 goals. He is a unanimous choice to claim 3 votes with our tipsters. It sees him move up to 20 votes total, level with Max Gawn in top spot. The other big news is Dusty Martin has put the competition...
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Round 17 VotesTuesday July 24th

Round 17 has now come and gone. It was a relatively quiet round as far as our Phantom Brownlow Medal count goes, with just 3 players inside our top ten polling votes. However, Round 17 belongs to Max Gawn. after yet another inspiring performance. Gawn has now polled 8 votes in his past three games and now sits outright on top of the Phantom Brownlow Medal leaderboard with 20 votes total. It is the first switch at the top since Nat Fyfe...
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Round 16 VotesTuesday July 24th

Round 16 was a cracker, with big implications for the 2018 Phantom Brownlow Medal. Eight players inside our top eleven polled votes and things are getting very interesting now indeed. Nat Fyfe remains on top, despite being suspended, but several players are making a move. Max Gawn is one of those players, with a potential 2 votes coming his way. Adding to his 3 votes last week, Gawn has now moved to 17 votes total and sits equal with Tom Mitchell in second position. Dane...
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Round 15 VotesFriday July 6th

Finally, normal footy is back with the dreaded bye rounds now behind us. We have the Round 15 votes for you right here. The big news is that Tom Mitchell has reclaimed top spot, excluding the suspended Nat Fyfe. It has a good month for Mitchell. He amassed a whopping 50 disposals on the weekend, along with 13 tackles. We think he's a good shout for the 3 votes, and he is now the red hot Brownlow Medal favourite with most bookies. Max Gawn has...
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Phantom Brownlow Standings

1   Gawn, Max 27
2   Grundy, Brodie 25
  Mitchell, Tom 25
4   Martin, Dustin 24
5   Cripps, Patrick 22
6   Beams, Dayne 21
  Macrae, Jack 21
8   Yeo, Elliot 20
9   Fyfe, NatINEL 19
10   Dangerfield, Patrick 18
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