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Marcus Bontempelli 2016 Brownlow Medal

It is scary to think how good Marcus Bontempelli is going to be. This guy us just 20yo and is only in his third season, yet he is absolutely dominating matches.

Bontempelli is now an elite player and is drawing comparisons with Anthony Koutoufides. But will he win the 2016 Brownlow Medal?

The short answer to that is no, he will not win the Brownlow Medal this year. As good as he has been, he has very little hope of getting within range of runaway favourite Patrick Dangerfield.

We predict Bontempelli will poll 22 votes, which puts him inside our top five this year. If it were not for a poor start to the season, he would have been in genuine contention.

Bontempelli is unlikely to poll a vote until Round 7, so if you are unlikely to poll in the opening six games of the season, you are giving up quite a big advantage.

His season really exploded in Round 7. He is almost certain to poll the 3 votes and in a six game patch from Round 7 to round 12, he is likely to net himself 12 votes.

Then from Round 16-21 it is possible he could poll another 10 votes in another chunk of six matches. If he can poll as predicted, while sneaking some votes in some of those other quiet games, then he could surprise.

He proved last year that he is a more than capable vote getter. Last season was his second year at AFL level, but he went on to poll 13 votes from 20 matches, polling in five of those matches.

That really suggests to us that Bontempelli is a player that knows how to get votes. With the Western Bulldogs winning plenty of games this year, we expect his name to feature heavily.

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Marcus Bontempelli Potential Votes

  • Round 7 v ADE – 30 disposals, 16 contested, 5 marks, 2 goals (3 votes)
  • Round 8 v MEL - 33 disposals, 17 contested, 5 marks, 6 inside 50s (3 votes)
  • Round 11 v WCE - 30 disposals, 21 contested, 9 tackles, 4 free kicks (3 votes)
  • Round 12 v POR - 29 disposals, 18 contested, 4 tackles, 2 goals (3 votes)
  • Round 16 v RIC - 25 disposals, 16 contested, 8 tackles, 4 marks (2 votes)
  • Round 17 v GC - 29 disposals, 10 contested, 5 tackles, 4 inside 50s (2 votes)
  • Round 18 v STK - 25 disposals, 8 contested, 7 marks, 3 goals (1 vote)
  • Round 20 v NOR - 19 disposals, 9 contested, 9 tackles, 8 marks (2 votes)
  • Round 21 v COL - 26 disposals, 9 contested, 8 marks, 8 tackles, 2 goals (3 votes)

Posted by Brownlow Addict on Monday 26th September 2016 at 09:30:11

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