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Media Awards 2018

With the conclusion of Round 23, we now have a full run down of all the media awards for the 2018 season.

Max Gawn was crowned the 2018 Phantom Brownlow Medal winner with our media voters forming a consensus.

But how did he stack up in their individual counts? Let's take a look.

First things first, we use five media outlets when calculating a consensus for each individual match of the season, comparing these votes to find who we think deserves the Brownlow votes.

We use The Herald Sun, The Age, Betfair, and the AFLCA.

Amazingly, there were four unique winners, which means that this years count is far from a certainty.

One thing to keep in mind is that the media have less bias towards midfielders like the umpires do, which is why you will see Gawn and Grundy polling high in our count.

With that being said, the Betfair count is one to take a look at as they skew their count towards midfielders to better replicate the Brownlow.

Anyway, below are the final results and it should give you a good idea of how our count finished the way it did.

Herald Sun

The Herald Sun use a 3-2-1 voting system with a different analyst covering each match of the round.

Suprisingly, Brodie Grundy won the 2018 edition of the award with 27 votes, just one ahead of Tom Mitchell and Max Gawn who tied in second spot on 26 votes apiece.

Patrick Cripps (25) and Dustin Martin (23) rounded out the top five in a count that was very similar to our very own count.

  • 27: Brodie Grundy (Col)
  • 26: Tom Mitchell (Haw)
  • 26: Max Gawn (Mel)
  • 25: Patrick Cripps (Car)
  • 23: Dustin Martin (Ric)
  • 21: Jack Macrae (Wb)
  • 21: Dayne Beams
  • 19: Nat Fyfe (Fre)
  • 17: Lachie Whitfield (Gws)
  • 16: Zach Merrett (Ess)

The Age

The Age do things slightly different. They choose the five best players and give them votes based on their performance, with 10 votes being a clear best on ground, 9 votes a strong performance and 7-8 votes an above average performance.

We choose the top three from their analysis when making up our votes.

Tom Mitchell took out the award this year on 109 votes total, ahead of surprise packet Andrew Gaff, who probably would have won this award had he not been suspended.

Steele Sidebottom (102), Max Gawn (101) and Zach Merrett (98) rounded out their top five.

They look like they have the winner right, but having Gaff, Sidebottom and Merrett in the top five is ambitious to say the least.

Also worth noting is Brodie Grundy is no where to be seen in their count, yet Collingwood team mates Steele Sidebottom and Scott Pendlebury are in the top six.

  • 109: Tom Mitchell (Haw)
  • 104: Andrew Gaff (Wce)
  • 102: Steele Sidebottom (Col)
  • 101: Max Gawn (Mel)
  • 98: Zach Merrett (Ess)
  • 97: Scott Pendlebury (Col)
  • 96: Dayne Beams (Bri)
  • 95: Rory Laird (Ade)
  • 93: Dustin Martin (Ric)
  • 91: Patrick Dangerfield (Gee)


Betfair is the new guy on the block this year. They do things differently, again.

They skew their count towards midfielders, knowing full well ruckman, forwards and defenders have a poor track record in the Brownlow Medal.

Rather than a 3-2-1 system, they award the 6 votes over a number of players with the use of half votes, if there are a number of players in contention.

This year Tom Mitchell ran out the runaway winner with 27.5 votes total, 5 clear of Dustin Martin on 22.5 votes in second place.

Rounding out their top five we Patrick Cripps (22), Andrew Gaff (21) and Dayne Beams (20.5).

There are no real surprises here, except maybe for Gaff. Gawn finished well down with 19.5 votes and Grundy just behind on him 18 votes.

  • 27.5: Tom Mitchell (Haw)
  • 22.5: Dustin Martin (Ric)
  • 22: Patrick Cripps (Car)
  • 21: Andrew Gaff (Wce)
  • 20.5: Dayne Beams (Bri)
  • 19.5: Max Gawn (Mel)
  • 19.5: Jack Macrae (Wb)
  • 18.5: Patrick Dangerfield (Gee)
  • 18.5: Nat Fyfe (Fre)
  • 18: Brodie Grundy (Col)


Max Gawn was the unanimous winner in the AFLCA count, being rewarded for a stellar season.

The AFLCA count is judged by the two opposing coaches for each game. They pick their best five players on a 5-4-3-2-1 vote basis, with their two counts combined.

Gawn took out the award with 97 votes, ahead of Patrick Cripps who collected 91 votes.

Tom Mitchell (88), Brodie Grundy (82) were third and fourth, while Dayne Beams, Jack Macrae and Clayton Oliver all tied for 72 votes.

  • 97: Max Gawn (Mel)
  • 91: Patrick Cripps (Car)
  • 88: Tom Mitchell (Haw)
  • 82: Brodie Grundy (Col)
  • 72: Dayne Beams (Bri)
  • 72: Jack Macrae (Wb)
  • 72: Clayton Oliver (Mel)
  • 70: Dustin Martin (Ric)
  • 70: Lachie Whitfield (Gws)
  • 68: Dyson Heppell (Ess)

The official AFL site saw things a little differently. Dustin Martin took out their award in what was a very close count.

Their count is similar to the Herald Sun and Brownlow Medal propper, with votes awarded on a 3-2-1 basis.

Martin finished the season strongly with 8 votes over the final three rounds, winning the count by 1 vote on 25 votes.

Max Gawn finished second with 24 votes, while Patrick Cripps and Brodie Grundy tied on 23 votes.

The most notable thing in this count is that Tom Mitchell finished fifth with just 21 votes. Perhaps he is not such a sure thing afterall?

  • 25: Dustin Martin (Ric)
  • 24: Max Gawn (Mel)
  • 23: Patrick Cripps (Car)
  • 23: Brodie Grundy (Col)
  • 21: Tom Mitchell (Haw)
  • 21: Elliot Yeo (Wce)
  • 20: Dayne Beams (Bri)
  • 20: Nat Fyfe (Fre)
  • 18: Clayton Oliver (Mel)
  • 17 Patrick Dangerfield (Gee)

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Phantom Brownlow Standings

1   Gawn, Max 27
2   Grundy, Brodie 25
  Mitchell, Tom 25
4   Martin, Dustin 24
5   Cripps, Patrick 22
6   Beams, Dayne 21
  Macrae, Jack 21
8   Yeo, Elliot 20
9   Fyfe, NatINEL 19
10   Dangerfield, Patrick 18
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