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Round 11 Votes

Not much movement on our leaderboard in Round 11 in what was a quiet round for our leaders.

Former favourite Nat Fyfe had to sit out with a suspension, which gave the rest of the competition the perfect opportunity to stake their claim for a Brownlow Medal.

Tom Mitchell may find himself in the votes, but he is no certainty.

After a hot start to the season, Mitchell has been quiet over the last seven weeks, but he could potentially poll 1 vote on the weekend.

Could Round 11 be the round where Dusty Martin starts to make his run?

Dusty has been quiet himself of late. He had not polled a vote since Round 5, but may have 1 vote coming his way this weekend. This could be the spark he needs.

Steel Sidebottom continued his hot form and has now installed himself well inside the top ten of our leaderboard.

Noticeable mentions for Round 11 include Shaun Higgins, Gary Ablett, Tom McDonald, Callum Sinclair and Tom Phillips who all look likely to poll 3 votes on the weekend.

Round 12 - Leaderboard

  • 17: Nat Fyfe (Fre)
  • 16: Jack Macrae (Wb)
  • 13: Patrick Cripps (Car)
  • 12: Tom Mitchell (Haw)
  • 12: Max Gawn (Mel)
  • 11: Jack Darling (Wce)
  • 11: Dustin Martin (Ric)
  • 11: Trent Cotchin (Ric)

Posted by Brownlow Addict on Friday 15th June 2018 at 16:56:49

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Brownlow Winner Odds

Phantom Brownlow Standings

1   Fyfe, NatINEL 19
2   Mitchell, Tom 17
  Gawn, Max 17
4   Cripps, Patrick 16
  Macrae, Jack 16
6   Higgins, Shaun 15
7   Selwood, Joel 14
  Grundy, Brodie 14
9   Beams, Dayne 13
  Martin, Dustin 13
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