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Round 13 Votes

Round 13 was the second of the bye rounds, but there was a bit of activity at the top of our leaderboard.

Tom Mitchell creeped back up into third spot after a quiet couple of months of footy.

He helped himself to 40 disposals and looks set to poll 2 votes in the Brownlow Medal, if our consensus is any guide.

Nat Fyfe also extended his lead at the top to 3 votes, with a potential 2 votes coming his way in Round 13.

Fyfe is obviously suspended, so Mitchell is effectively in second position now and just 2 votes behind Jackson Macrae.

One player to make a move in Round 13 was Joel Selwood. With a certain 3 votes coming his way, he has now moved up to striking distance on 9 votes total.

West Coast star Elliot Yeo is likely to poll 3 votes as well. He is now on 11 votes and also within striking distance.

Leaderboard - Round 13

  • 19: Fyfe (Fre)
  • 16: Macrae (Wb)
  • 14: Mitchell (Haw)
  • 13: Cripps (Car)
  • 12: Gawn (Mel)
  • 11: Darling (Wce)
  • 11; Martin (Ric)
  • 11: Yeo (Wce)
  • 11: Cotchin (Ric)
  • 11: Sidebottom (Col)

Posted by Brownlow Addict on Friday 6th July 2018 at 17:29:03

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Brownlow Winner Odds

Phantom Brownlow Standings

1   Fyfe, NatINEL 19
2   Mitchell, Tom 17
  Gawn, Max 17
4   Cripps, Patrick 16
  Macrae, Jack 16
6   Higgins, Shaun 15
7   Selwood, Joel 14
  Grundy, Brodie 14
9   Beams, Dayne 13
  Martin, Dustin 13
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