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Round 8 Votes

It was a case of deja vu in Round 8, with Nat Fyfe continuing his breathtaking run with yet another 3 votes.

Fyfe is a lock for 3 votes this round and we anticipate he has now scored 3 votes in five of his past 7 matches this season now.

He has moved to 15 votes total and is 2 votes clear at the top. He is now Brownlow Medal favourite at all bookmakers.

Hot on his his is Jack Macrae, who we predicted would be in the votes in our Round 7 review last week.

Macae appears to be going under the radar, however he is hot at the moment. We have him polling votes in in six of his past seven matches, including 3 votes in each of his past two matches.

You can certainly add 3 votes to his name this round with a 47 disposal effort. He is now on 13 votes and 2 clear of third place.

Patrick Cripps is one player making a run in recent weeks, despite the poor form of his club Carlton.

The Blues won their first match of the season on Saturday and Cripps was the architect behind the win. It was his third 3 vote performance of the season and he is now in fourth position on our leaderboard with 10 votes.

You can't forget Trent Cotchin either, who looks certain to poll 2 votes in Round 8. He has moved up to 9 votes now and within striking distance of the top few players.

Other big movers in Round 8 included Jack Darling of West Coast who has moved to 8 votes, Ben Cunnington of North Melbourne moving to 6 votes, and Robbie Gray & Jack Redden both moving to 6 votes.

Also we should give a special mention to Ben Ronke of Sydney who booted 7.0 and laid 10 tackles in just his third AFL match. He surely has 3 votes coming his way!

Round 8 - Leaderboard

  • 15: Nat Fyfe (Fre)
  • 13: Jack Macrae (WB)
  • 11: Tom Mitchell (Haw)
  • 10: Patrick Cripps (Car)
  • 10: Dustin Martin (Ric)
  • 10: Max Gawn (Mel)
  • 9: Trent Cotchin (Ric)
  • 8: Jack Darling (Wce)
  • 8: Jesse Hogan (Mel)

Looking Ahead

Round 9 is coming our way this week and it has big implications for Brownlow Medal betting.

The final match of the round is where all eyes will be. It is the top of the table clash between West Coast vs Richmond. It also includes 3 players inside our top seven participating.

Dustin Martin and Trent Cotchin for Richmond, and Jack Darling for West Coast.

On Friday night Jack Macrae will get a chance to go top of our leaderboard when the Bulldogs take on Adelaide.

We are also excited for the Carlton vs Melbourne game as Patrick Cripps and Max Gawn will get a chance to catch Nat Fyfe on top of the leaderboard.

While free bets may have been outlawed in Australia now, it still pays to check out the different bookies to see what they have on offer for Round 9.

Posted by Brownlow Addict on Wednesday 16th May 2018 at 06:48:04

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Phantom Brownlow Standings

1   Gawn, Max 27
2   Grundy, Brodie 25
  Mitchell, Tom 25
4   Martin, Dustin 24
5   Cripps, Patrick 22
6   Beams, Dayne 21
  Macrae, Jack 21
8   Yeo, Elliot 20
9   Fyfe, NatINEL 19
10   Dangerfield, Patrick 18
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