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Betting on the Brownlow Medal takes many forms. One of the more fun and intriguing markets to bet on is the most votes per team market. This will include any players ineligible for the main Brownlow Medal due to suspension, too.

It's often possible to find some real value in these markets where a player has been under estimated by the bookmakers. View any of the team's pages below for full odds, our team leaderboard and team stats for every player.

Team Most Vote Multis

Did you know that one of the most popular markets each year on the Brownlow Medal is the Team Most Votes Multibets? By combining several players into the one multi, you can get yourself some monstrous odds.

But the age old question all punters are asking about the Brownlow Medal - "Which bookie is opening up Most Team Votes Multibets this year?" Well we now have that answer!

Online bookie is offering Brownlow Medal Team Most Votes multibets this year. Use the guides below to help with your multis, as we have previewed every single team with links for statistical analysis for each player.

Team by Team Most Votes Pages

Phantom Brownlow Standings

1   Fyfe, Nat 17
2   Macrae, Jack 16
3   Cripps, Patrick 13
4   Mitchell, Tom 12
  Gawn, Max 12
6   Darling, Jack 11
  Martin, Dustin 11
  Cotchin, Trent 11
  Sidebottom, Steele 11
10   Grundy, Brodie 10
    See Full Standings...  

Brownlow Blog

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Thursday May 31st
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Tuesday May 22nd

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